Who We Are

Our vision is that every child in North Dakota who needs it will have reasonable, consistent access to the full array of evidence-based Children’s Advocacy Center services and an effective, multidisciplinary response to his or her case and care.

We are network of Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) working to ensure that every child in North Dakota has access to a multidisciplinary team approach to the investigation and intervention of child abuse.

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A CAC is a victim-focused, community-orientated, safe facility in which members of a multidisciplinary team work together to provide a comprehensive coordinated and compassionate investigation and intervention of abuse allegations.

North Plains Children's Advocacy Center
Red River Children's Advocacy Center
Dakota Children's Advocacy Center

The National Children’s Alliance (NCA) is a nationwide not-for-profit membership organization whose purpose is to empower local communities to provide comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate services to victims of abuse. The NCA accredits Children Advocacy Centers based on nationally recognized standards.

National Children's Alliance

The Midwest Regional Children’s Advocacy Center (MRCAC) Improves the community response to child abuse through strategic leadership, collaboration and capacity building.

Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Center

Growth and Sustainability Plan

A feasibility study and needs assessment intended to guide the growth and sustainability of Children’s Advocacy Centers in North Dakota.

Published in July of 2017, this statewide Growth and Sustainability Plan is designed to guide CAC growth in North Dakota to ensure that CACs are sustainable and meeting the needs of all of the regions in the state. We encourage all communities that are interested in developing a CAC, existing CACs and MDTs, stakeholders, and anyone interested, review the Growth and Sustainability Plan by downloading the plan.